Kindergarten Homework Plan

Kindergarten Team




Beginning in October, all kindergarten students will have homework.  After the first few weeks of school, new schedules will be in place and students should be ready to add homework to their routine.


Kindergarten Homework:

     A monthly Kindergarten Homework Calendar is used starting in October.  Each day (Monday-Thursday) will have one or two assignments for the students to complete. Some assignments are written while others are activities for your child to do orally or with materials at home. All written assignments have a page in the packet for your child to complete the work. Please help your child complete the work each night. Completed calendars are due at the end of each month.  Homework activities cover a range of developmentally appropriate activities in various modality areas and will include practice with fine motor skills, auditory skills, language and math skills, and visual skills.  All activities coordinate with curriculum goals and skills taught in the classroom.


Record Keeping:

     Each teacher is responsible for keeping homework records for work completion.  Homework calendars are to be completed and returned at the end of the month with a parent's signature.  This practice will help students develop the habit and responsibility of having homework.  Homework completion is required for all students.


Incentive Rewards for completing homework:

     Students will be recognized in the classroom each month when homework calendars are returned with a parent's signature. 


RAH (Read At Home):

     In addition to the above homework, students will have the opportunity to participate in our RAH (Read At Home).  Parents will be asked to sign a permission form for their child to participate. Books will be sent home starting in early October.  Children are to read with their parents five times (parent signature required) before getting another book. Students who do not return books or who are not careful in taking care of books may not participate in the program (at the discretion of the teacher).  A fee will be charged for damaged or lost books.



























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